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Crosses "grande taille" : nouvelle réglementation

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22 août 2015

L’IFF vient de définir et de communiquer une nouvelle réglementation quant à l’utilisation de crosses spéciales de grande taille pour les joueurs de plus de 1.90m. Ci-dessous le texte (EN) de cette réglementation et le document à retourner à l’IFF pour solliciter une autorisation.

Subject : Process for application of right to use oversized stick for players taller than 190 cm for the seasons 2015-2017

Dear Floorball Friends,

Please be advised that the IFF has renewed the system for right to use oversized sticks. All players are still to hand in an application (attached here as an appendix) but the permission will be given for the next two seasons 2015-2016 and 2016-2017

Certification for use of oversized sticks during the seasons 2015-2016 and 2016-2017

The IFF has based on the previous years’ experience and the constant demand for possibility for long players to use oversized sticks decided to continue with the system for the two upcoming seasons 2015-2016 and 2016-2017.

This system is in use for all players over the length of 190 cm, who have applied and been granted the exemption by the IFF and have to provide the written proof of the permission if asked for by referees. The players with the length of 190 – 193 cm may after the permission is granted play with sticks of a total length of 116 cm and players taller than 194 cm may play with 118 cm sticks.

In order for the players to receive the exemption they need to hand in the Application form for use of oversized sticks to the IFF Office including a medical (doctor or medical nurse) certificate of the length of the player. Players who have had the permission to use an oversized stick don’t need to hand in a new medical certificate, however an updated application is needed.

In the application the players need to provide information of which oversized stick or sticks they are going to use. The IFF Material function will then based on the applications provide the player with a written certificate, which will be sent to the player after the player has paid the IFF the administrational fee of 50 EUR for the two consecutive seasons. A list with the players granted the permission will be published on the IFF web page.

Please hand in your application to the following email address and you will then after the approval receive the payment instructions from the IFF Office. As soon as the administrational fee is paid you will receive a written certification for the exemption.

Looking forward to your applications, we remain

with kindest regards,

John Liljelund Veli Halonen secretary general operations coordinator

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